AdaptRM Terms of Service

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Thank you for considering AdaptRM!

We provide services that allow you to leverage data you already have in order to reduce the amount of time you spend on business processes and focus on your work.

Changes to Fees, Service, and Terms

We may change our pricing, provided services, or terms of service at any time. We will attempt to notify you directly of any pricing changes or major changes to our offerings or terms. Whenever possible, we will strive to provide at least 30 days' notice notice for fee changes.

Privacy, Data Security, and Copyright Protection

By submitting information to us you are licensing that content to us solely for the purpose of providing our services and improvements to you. You represent that you are entitled to submit the information for this purpose, without any obligation by us to pay any fees or other limitations.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details on how we use and guard your private information. If you have any questions or comments, please email your feedback to us.

Description of Service

We provide services that allow you to leverage data you already have in order to reduce the amount of time you spend on business processes and focus on your work. This comprises downloadable software that helps members access their information, and our web service, which allows members to view and manipulate that information.

Your access and use of our services may be interrupted from time to time for any of several reasons, including, without limitation, the malfunction of equipment, periodic updating, maintenance or repair of our web service or website (e.g. or other actions that we, in our sole discretion, may elect to take.


You must be of a legal age in your state or country to form a binding contract with AdaptRM in order to use our services.

Your Responsibility/Indemnification

You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for all damages, losses and costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) related to all third party claims, charges, and investigations, caused by (1) your failure to comply with this agreement, including, without limitation, your submission of content that violates third party rights or applicable laws, (2) any content you submit to our services, and (3) any activity in which you engage on or through AdaptRM.

Representations, Warranties, and Covenants

You represent, warrant and covenant that (a) the membership and payment information that you supply is true, correct and complete, (b) you will pay any charges that you incur in connection with our service, including any applicable taxes, (c) you will update your membership and payment information as required, (d) you will not allow anyone else to use your membership, (e) you will not transfer your membership or password to anyone else and (f) you will report to us any unauthorized or prohibited use of your membership or this Site.

No advice or information we provide you or that you obtain through our service binds us to any warranty not expressly stated in these terms of service.

Payment Terms

If you purchase any of our services, you agree to have AdaptRM store your payment information. You also agree to pay all applicable fees for our services as they become due plus all related taxes, and to reimburse us for all collection costs and interest for any overdue amounts. Failure to pay may result in termination of your subscription. Depending on where you transact with us, the type of payment method used and where your payment method was issued, your transaction with us may be subject to foreign exchange fees or differences in prices, including exchange rate effects. AdaptRM does not support all payment methods, currencies or locations for payment. If the payment method you use with us reaches its expiration date and you do not edit your payment method information or cancel your account, you authorize us to continue billing that payment method and you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. Your obligation to pay fees continues through the end of the subscription period during which you cancel your subscription. All applicable taxes are calculated based on the billing information you provide us at the time of purchase. You may cancel or suspend your services here. The AdaptRM refund policy is explained in these Terms. We do not guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction. You also acknowledge that our services are subject to this agreement and any additional terms related to the provision of our services. Additionally, if you require a printed invoice for your transaction with us, you may request one by contacting our Customer Support.

Automatic Renewal, Cancellation, Refunds and Termination

When you subscribe to our services we require you to enter payment information. We store this information in order to bill your account until such time as you cancel or we terminate the subscription. You are responsible for keeping this information current throughout your subscription.

If you cancel, your subscription will continue through the end of the last billing cycle. If you wish to receive a refund of the pro-rated remainder as soon as you cancel, please contact customer service.

If we terminate your account, your subscription will be suspended immediately and, depending on the reason for termination and any costs incurred as a result, we may refund you the pro-rated remainder from your last payment.

In either case, we do not promise to delete your data unless you explicitly request it, and if you cancel you will, of course, be given that option. For as long as we keep your data, regardless of your account status, we will not share it without your permission or use it for any purpose other than those mentioned in our Privacy Policy and the hope that you may choose us again in the future. We do promise to keep your data for 48 hours after cancellation or termination in case the instigating party changes their mind.

If you experience a significant snag in service, please contact our customer service to discuss appropriate solutions and compensation.

Your Use of the Service/User Conduct

Here's a list of some of the specific things we ask you to do and not do on AdaptRM.

Do undertake the following:

Do not undertake the following:

Community Pages

User-Generated Content

We provide the Community Forum area for customer support and community building. Any information posted there can be viewed not only by other service subscribers, but by unregistered visitors. AdaptRM does not endorse any information posted on these pages and posts made by users do not necessarily reflect the views of AdaptRM. Any action taken by you based on information presented on the community pages is at your own risk.

Rules for Posting

By using our Community Pages, you agree to adhere to the following community guidelines:

AdaptRM has the right to remove a post on the community pages if it does not meet these standards or for any other reason AdaptRM deems appropriate.

About Software in our Services

AdaptRM gives you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use the software provided to you by AdaptRM as part of the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided by AdaptRM, in the manner permitted by these terms. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease any part of our Services or included software, nor may you reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of that software, unless laws prohibit those restrictions or you have our written permission.

Limitation of Liability

Neither AdaptRM nor the service we provide is intended to provide legal or business advice.

Sneak Preview

From time to time, AdaptRM may include new and/or updated pre-release features and trial use ("Sneak Preview" features) in the Service for your use and which permit you to provide feedback. You understand and agree that your use of Sneak Preview features is voluntary and AdaptRM is not obligated to provide you with any Sneak Preview features. Furthermore, if you decide to use the Sneak Preview features you agree to abide by any rules or restrictions AdaptRM may place on them. You understand that once you use the Sneak Preview features, you may be unable to revert back to the earlier version of the same or similar feature. Additionally, if such reversion is possible, you may not be able to return or restore data created within the Sneak Preview feature back to the earlier version. The Sneak Preview features are provided on an "as is" basis and may contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause failures, corruption or loss of data and/or information from any connected device. You acknowledge and agree that all use of the Sneak Preview features is at your sole risk.