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TimeMyLife Features

Tracking your time automatically is great, but is this enough? Assigning your time can be tedious. Creating manual rules usually causes a lot of trouble. Things change, or we forget there are exceptions.

We’ve simplified this process. You can assign your time in just a few seconds. Save more time on time tracking with our intelligent automation.

Easy To Use

Download small apps to your devices to start tracking your time automatically. You can assign tasks to different projects or clients in just two clicks.

Powerful And Detailed Reporting

We track every second of your activity and categorize it by device. See how you use your time across your projects, tasks and devices. Manage your time effectively with our services. You can pause and resume your tracking at any time.

Unlimited Devices

With TimeMyLife, you don’t need to worry about limits on the number of laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones we’ll track for you. We know you use multiple devices regularly. We currently support Windows 7/8/10, OSX, and Android.

Track Offline Activity

Not every task can be logged automatically. TimeMyLife lets you add any kind of activity manually. If your desktop or laptop goes idle, we can ask you what you were doing when you return.

Our Android app includes a stopwatch for ease of tracking, say, a meeting where you are mostly offline, but occasionally interacting with your tablet.

Fixed Price Contracts

Most people charge hourly, but some of you charge a fixed price for your services. Not only can we help you send your invoice, but we can provide you with an estimate of what you really made per hour on each of your contracts. Are you charging enough?

Seamless Invoicing

Why not create your invoices in the same place you track your time? We will help you create the perfect invoice, track payments and get paid faster online.

Let's keep invoicing simple. TimeMyLife makes your invoicing and accounting easy. Our quick & easy invoicing system allows you to save hours creating invoices.

Use For Work, Play, Volunteer, Or Any Other Time

You can use TimeMyLife to track any or all of your time. Work projects? No problem. Hobbies or personal projects? No sweat. Volunteer work? No trouble.

You define your “clients” however you like and set up as many projects as you like. There are no limitations on your time with TimeMyLife.


At AdaptRM, we only charge for the features you use, not for arbitrary items like the number of devices or length of data history. Detailed pricing information can be found on the Pricing page.


If you need to eliminate any distractions or you are not connected to Internet our app will continue to track your activities and will upload the data to your account when you are back online.

Tracking your time accurately is crucial to stay profitable. Do you know how much time you spend on different tasks? On the phone? On your tablet? Sign up for free time tracking now!